Who's Margarida (Daisy)?

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Margarida (Daisy) is like is calling the manager and who gives his name to this guest house. She was born in Odeceixe and in a quick conversation, explains a little about yourself and about this project. She started by renting out rooms in her own house in the Tourism "boom" of the 90s, when Odeceixe was literally invaded by people of all nationalities seeking the tranquility and beauty of the area and experience the picturesque village. The space have being improved and nowadays all rooms have private bathroom and more facilities.


Have you always lived here in Odeceixe? Yes, I was born there on the other side, above the mouth of the river. My life has just been here, I did not get out of Odeceixe. Married here and my husband is also from here. What I always did was this: the handles of homes, houses and land there in the lowland. My studies where there in the fields, where I ever cultivated.

How old are you?

I am 56 years old.


How long do you have this house?

Since 21 years ago.


How did this guest house started? This was from my father-in-law. Here was an workshop on the ground floor which is where now is the two bedroom apartment. My husband also worked in the workshop. I had nothing and this was the occupation I choosen for me. We did the construction works in order to create this guest house and I dedicated myself to this.

And you like this job?

Love it! I just love it! I wish I could have a biggest place , if I could I had done more. I like this job. 


Should have already received here nationalities from all over...

Ohhh, yes! Look, now there are arriving Spanish couple. 5 years they come to my house! When they arrive, they will get a surprise because everything is changed!


Accommodation: 3 bedrooms with double bed, private bathroom, TV and internet. Apartment with 2 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen and outdoor space with barbecue

Rates: High Season - 45 euros per night Low Season - € 25 per night

Cleaning: Towels and linens are renewed every other day. Bathroom is cleaned daily.

Kitchen: support shared equipped with fridge, microwave intended only for the preparation of small and light meals.

Extras: available first aid kit.

Breakfast is not included. It is not allowed the entry of animals.