The Region


Village, Countryside and Beach are the three axes that unite the beauty of this land! The smells, the sights and the calm complete this union and are the main reason why passing through this location is pointed on the map.

Who's going to the Algarve does not specify destination, any point generalizes to the expression "going to the Algarve", but who comes here distinguishes and emphasizes "going to Odeceixe". It is the first land of the Algarve region, leaning to the Alentejo reagion, a friendly neighbor that takes a bit of the accent and the characteristics and modes of Alentejo. Just need the uniqueness of crossing the bridge over the river Seixe to cross this border.

Odeceixe belongs to the county of Aljezur and is situated in the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina. It is just 121 km away from Faro International Airport, 46 km from Lagos where there is a train station and 229 km from Lisbon.

The story goes that the Arabic influence was strong in the area and gave rise to the name: Ode is the Arabic expression for river and Seixe is the name of this river kind of stones.

Local traditions still have their presence in Windmill which is an excelent panoramic viewpoint, from where you can watch a beautiful sunset which will never be the same as in is  the day before, see the line of the riverside and its contours through the lowlands and the bridge to cross to the Alentejo. In the background, the Sierra of Monchique clipped by a green and revitalizing landscape. There is also a Museum Wine Cellar and a recently inaugurated Library with an extensive collection of donated books.The village main square, although renovated, retains the quaint spirit where everyone gathers in the evening and overnight.

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The beach takes the pride place, awarded with the 7 Wonders - Beaches of Portugal and blue flag carrier, is one of the most beautiful in Portugal, told by the ones who returns every year. The sports such as surfing, bodyboarding, recreational fishing and kayaking are much appreciated and makes this destination a mixture of relaxation and entertainment.

The accommodation of the Guest House Margarida fits in this spirit by both the central location, as for the hospitality and simplicity, with all the comfort and features that attractive prices can provide.