Adegas Naturist Beach

p1821mmvsq13rcj0b1h971vdb1rvc7Right next to the beach Odeceixe, near the caravan park is the locally nicknamed "Beach of the Naked People." Since long time now, people of various nationalities know about this corner of natural beauty and relaxed atmosphere, frequented by families of all generations.


Odeceixe Beach

p1821n4spn11mf1qtm13nl1kv25ou4A unique set of odors, resulting from the conjunction of the local vegetation, mainly of cistus and native vegetation, begins to invade the senses as we approached the Beach of Odeceixe. Before we get completely overwhelmed by the magnificence of the beauty of this beach, the path from the lowlands and along the river Seixe is, in itself, stunning. Belonging in the protected landscape of the Natural Park Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vincentian, the beach is situated 3 km from the village of Odeceixe and provides several attractive: a wide white sand delimited by the river that separates the Algarve from Alentejo, river area great for children and the seaside area, which enables the practice of recreational fishing, Surf and Bodyboard. Also, pedestrian access to surrounding beaches at low tide, high quality landscape both in direct exploration of the territory, dunes and rocky areas as in terms of an extensive panoramic skyline that alows you to sighting the long line of this beautiful coast.


Amália's Beach

p1821mj4lptfq8mn1bft95c1b77Amália Rodrigues, the international Fado icon, had here her retreat. For many years, the house on the cliff top and this beach were only to be served with herself and close friends.

Access was exclusive for the artist and only a few years ago it began to be frequented by the public.


Carriagem Beach

Aljezur CarriagemPure wildness and almost always deserted! Has no beach facilities or surveillance, the access there is unpaved as well as the descent.

It is uncrowded which may become even more attractive for those seeking a more intense contact with Nature.

What makes it beautiful are these characteristics and to find this secret we must go to Rogil and turn in the direction that indicates the Vale dos Homens Beach and Carriagem ahead and follow the ground path.


Vale dos Homens Beach

VHomensSmall but beautiful. It has become known mentioned by the tourists.

Accesse is by the Rogil intersection