Amália's Beach

p1821mj4lptfq8mn1bft95c1b77Amália Rodrigues, the international Fado icon, had here her retreat. For many years, the house on the cliff top and this beach were only to be served with herself and close friends.

Access was exclusive for the artist and only a few years ago it began to be frequented by the public.

Before it was a closely guarded secret and to get there was not easy either: hidden paths of tracks on the ground, a lot of vegetation and a small riverside whose sound accompanies the descent. Some people classify it as a kind of "fairy path" given the state of the virgin access and beach.

The beach is beautiful, has a small cascade of fresh water and is cosy. Has no surveillance, no restaurants or bathrooms and the access has not undergone major changes over time so therefore we suggest some caution. It is located in the Alentejo and to get there you have to go by the road that goes from Azenha do Mar to Brejão and turn in the path signaled by a yellow marigold. Can drive up a little further ahead but then the rest of the way can only be done on foot. It worth a visit!