The Aljezur municipality is rich in fish (bream, golden bass) and shellfish (from hedgehogs to limpets, without forgetting the mussels and barnacles so appreciated), as well as hunting (rabbit, wild boar), products of the land (mainly renowned sweet potato and beans) and foods from death-of-pig. Hence the cuisine of this region is based on these products. Couvada with beans or sweet potatoes, porridge with Moorish "pikes", mussel rice, feijoada whelks, sea bream, sea bass or golden baked or grilled over charcoal, barnacles, mussels, fried black pudding, among others, are the delight of gastronomy Aljezurense , which can be enjoyed in fine restaurants.

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To accompany this culinary adventure, white and red wines, produced by Adega Cooperativa de Lagos, as well as an excellent muscatel wine. The raw material, consisting magnificent and tasty grapes is produced mostly in the municipality of Aljezur. Here also produces a good brandy arbutus, completing this picture. For dessert stand out crayons, cake and sweet potato pudding, and fried, covered in a sugar syrup or honey, this also a local product. Peanuts are cultivated with great expression in the parish of Rogil, is a very popular appetizer and of excellent quality.